Solving agriculture safety in emerging markets


Syngenta, Thought for Food






Research, Workshop facilitation

Syngenta and Thought for Food partnered to apply user centered thinking to cultivate safety for small holder farmers. Through digital innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.


Small holder farmers owning 10 hectares or less of land produce 70% of the worlds food. While these farmers produce the majority of the worlds food, they are often the last to get access to essential digital tools and technology. Many in developing countries and emerging markets lack access to basic information to prevent losses, financial risk and industry know-how.



Raft has worked before with Syngenta, conducting expert interviews to develop a series of problem statements. Over time, these evolved and became the foundation for broader use at the Thought for Food Summit. During the summit, Raft and Syngenta ran a series of workshops with entrepreneurs, academics, and industry professionals to explore an array of solutions. The workshop explored practical, emotional, and business needs of small holder farmers.


The workshop and interviews presented an enriched view of the small holder farmer customer journey. At the end of the summit, ideas from the workshop were presented back to industry leaders. From these, Syngenta selected key ideas to study and develop further. These will be revisited at the next Thought for Food summit.

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