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Research, Workshop facilitation

Raft partnered with MasterCard prepaid management services (MPMS) to improve the user-centered design and design thinking within their organization. MPMS leveraged the experience of British travelers and prepaid cards to explore these new types of tools and methods.


MPMS provides prepaid payment solutions for travelers. Over the last several years, emerging fintech companies such as Monzo or Revolut have entered the UK and EU markets. They are strongly focused on customer experience, and have quickly gained customers and the overall market. MasterCard understood that to retain its market share, they needed to learn more about their consumers and introduce a user-centered approach within their organization.


Together with the MasterCard team, we planned, prepared, and conducted a series of customer interviews to understand the financial behaviors of British travelers outside of the UK. We then worked together and synthesized the data during a series workshop with the MPMS organization.

These workshops spawned a new focus on customers with four behavior-based personas, each detailed with a set of values and individual consumer journeys. To put theory into practice, we facilitated a five-day design sprint with participants from different business units. We used one of the opportunities from the research and applied the learnings about consumers.


Under our guidance, the MasterCard team leveraged new user-centered methods to answer crucial business questions and apply those learnings to their daily work. Together, we documented the foundation with the four personas, their consumer journeys, and general insights from the research into an living online directory, that can be extended by the MPMS's team.


The work and discussions with the product team led to a revision of their internal feature development process. Committing to a user-centered approach, MPMS added the first designers to the product team and have extended their internal design thinking capabilities.

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