human learning

Fast customer insights from anywhere

Smart Video Notes by humanLearning is a product that allows Sales and Account Managers to deliver customer insights to their teams instantly, in short formatted video reports. At Raft, we loved the idea of collecting customer insights directly to product teams. We designed the user flow to be fast, fun, and compelling so that recording feedback was an enjoyable experience. Better connecting teams to insights about the needs of their customers can have a vital and important impact on any product organization.

Tailored consumption

As with any network that relies on social participation, the Smart Video Notes application depends on users to create content. We re-imagned the central screens to invite users to make their own videos “create” without breaking their browsing flow “consume”.

The content is presented based on connection and relevance to the user so that natual grouping of insights begin to emerge. This provides invaluable insights into customers needs for team learning.

Collection & comment screen

“The experience flows from content to action, this is not a screen to screen design, it’s a seamless experience.”

— Lead Designer

Collections screen

Video database

Collections are sets of insights around a single topic – allowing users to explore in more depth. Collections encourage users to continue to build on insights to also create clusters of videos that may be relevant to others, again increasing overall team knowledge. This “video data-base” becomes an external representation of the common topics of discussion.

Determining relevance

Not all insights are equal. Teams can individually vote if an insight is useful or actionable. Through a voting system, insights will rise or fall in their value and how they are presented to the broader team. Sales and management will also get information on which insights will assist the team best to continually improve their quality.

Voting screen

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