Our thinking on connected experiences

We spend a lot of time thinking about the future of connected devices and the internet of things. From our brain to yours, here’s the latest from the studio.

The GDPR - turn restrictions into opportunities

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) will change the way companies handle data. The regulation aims to protect user's personal data. This seems like a disadvantage for businesses, but change can bring as well new opportunities.

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A unique, grounded, and raw look at the year ahead. How online goes offline, offline goes online, and we'll let other decide our future for us. Here are 5 interested trends we see for 2018

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Transforming travel by embracing responsibility

Traveling has become a commodity and travel businesses embraced the experience economy. However, travellers are no longer fulfilled by ‘just’ entertainment. ‘Transformational travel’ is the next opportunity for travel businesses.

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Data as an economic growth factor and currency

Unfortunately, your personal data does not belong to you; but what if it did? What could a new type of system based on the ownership, sale, and usage of personal data look like? How could it benefit society and business in new ways. We explore this line of thought and more in a new thinking piece on the Data Economy.

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Dark Side of Design

A second Raft podcast focused on dystopian futures, difficult topics, current trends, and outlying elements for designers. Each week the show opens up discussions on philosophical, uncomfortable, and emerging topics for those in the user experience industry.

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Kaleidoscope deck

Questions for shifting perspectives.

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Service Providers and the Smart Home

Trend Report

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Raft Telecommunications Report 2017

Competitive trends analysis

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5 Lessons from Industrial Design for UXers

What can we learn from great product design and how can we apply it to digital projects?

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Will your kids pay for connectivity?

Could the days of paying for connectivity, both user and device, be over in the next decade?

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Why the IoT needs White Space

How white space will bring focus to user needs.

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Three Fundamental IoT Interactions

A breakdown of the core methods of interaction with a connected device and what they mean for users.

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Eliminating Friction in IoT

Common areas that cause users pain and lead to abandonment.

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