What we do and how we do it

Multi-touchpoint ecosystems are the new normal. We work with companies on products and services that go beyond the screen. We design ecosystems for cutting edge user experiences.

Our services

We offer a variety of services from early concept and strategy to design and build deliverables to meet our partners design needs.

Product analysis

We assess your current user experiences against the industry standard heurisitc rules and provide you with a report and recommendations.

Design workshops

We coach and facilitate design thinking workshops to uncover opportunity areas and refine new concepts and ideas.

UX strategy

We provide consulting on product direction and product fit to existing and new users.


We believe that the best way to test an idea is to build it. Our broad capabilities range from mock ups to working prototypes.

Responsive web

From the information architecture and layout to component design, we manage the design for development and user friendly websites.

IOT design

We design for the complexities of the HW/SW experience, looking at technical thinking and where it merges with interface design.

Service design

Strategic frameworks for complex ecosystems of devices and technologies from a user-centric perspective.


We design every project to meet our clients needs. We can work independently or work collaboratively and utilize your in-house expertise.

Beyond the screen

New technologies offer new opportunities to engage with customers beyond the screen. We strive to simplify interaction across sensors, wearables, voice, as well as digital so users needs are met not increased.

Sectors experiencing change

Connected multi-touchpoint systems are essential to success and innovation across all sectors.

Health + Wellness

The rise of wearables and quantified self sees users taking a more active role in understanding their health.

Smart Home

Smart homes offer security, energy efficiency customization and adaptability.

Social Impact

From emergency housing and infrastructure design in refugee camps to improving education and social services at home.


The world markets are shifting, the way we pay, the way we save and the way we trade are all being examined.


Self-driving cars and transportation services like Uber are redefining ownership and mobility.

Industry + Infrastructure

From a smart city or infrasructure scale, connected ecosystems have the greatest impact on our lives.


The mobile phone is a proxy for users making it the keystone of consumer IoT solutions.


Media is forced to undergo rapid change as viewer tastes and habits evolve.

This is where we come in

Raft understands these systems from the outside in, we look at the user, the contextual relevance and the interface across touchpoints. Connecting the user to products and services through holistic UX strategies that works for your brand.

Partner with us

Our partners are innovators, shipping exceptional solutions that matter in people's lives. How can we help you?