New brand experiences demand a new approach

Engaging users in connected experiences requires a deeper understanding of technology and devices.

Our multidisciplinary team overlaps user and company needs with technical knowledge to design groundbreaking ideas.

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Starting with a user problem

The foundation of our approach is rooted in classic design thinking.

We build a foundation based on explicit and latent user needs. Understanding users context and activities allows an understanding of what technology may best support their needs. As we design, we bring companies along in design research, synthesis, and exploration. Together we craft, define, and scale solutions.

Services interpret and provide meaning

The most powerful, yet often invisible, way to connect brands and users.

Data from connected devices serves to better understand user needs and inform services. We look at all facets of a connected ecosystem for opportunities to build meaningful services for users.

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Device Interactions

Emerging and embedded technology unlocks new user interactions.

We work with companies to organize and define the hands-on experience of device and service interactions.

We use three core interactions to brainstorm, strategize, and explore ways brands can engage users.

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User & Device

Connected technology allows users and devices to interact directly with each other through software, such as an application or service.


Context & Device

Data, from local sensors to city weather stations, enhance device services and capabilities.


Cloud & Device

Connecting devices to the cloud gives companies another way to compete. Companies get more customer touch-points, and collect more data, that is used for stronger brand loyalty.