We are a multidisciplinary and diverse team

Joe Fletcher

Creative Direction & Strategy

During more than 15 years of experience he has held leadership positions in-house for companies such as Microsoft, frog design, and Intuit. He spent the last half decade consulting across EMEA on a wide array of clients and industries. He led the team that designed the first touch based applications for Windows 7, and most recently managed a global furniture retailer's transition into the Smart Home space. His past clients include IKEA, RBC, Huawei, Thomas Cook, and VW among others.

He's given talks on design around the world and taught at universities in Mexico and Netherlands. He is passionate about digital communication, connected devices, non-sequiturs, and has deep knowledge of shipping software and the details needed to get products to market.

Guus Baggermans

Design Lead & Prototyping

Guus is trained as an industrial designer, later turned interaction designer. He brings a blend of various disciplines while keeping technology and the human experience at the heart of everything he conceives or and creates. Guus believes in learning through hands-on creation and rapid iteration. He maintains a constant focus on building software/hardware prototypes to inspire new ideas and communicate iterations.

He can often be found at hackathons or speaking on prototyping with partical.io devices and Framer. His past clients include VW, Loewe, RWE, Singtel, and the NYC Stern School of Business.

Lily Kollé

Senior Designer & Design Language Systems expert

Lily is a senior designer at Raft. Her career began designing product, digital, and service user experiences for concept laptops. This work set up her affinity for design across multiple touchpoints. Today she leads companies in digital minimalism, design thinking, holistic user experience and ontological design.

Matthias Dittrich

Design Lead & Information Architect

Matthias is an interaction designer and systems thinker who brings 15 years of consulting and leadership experience to the table. He’s worked across the EU and for multiple clients in the Middle East.

He loves to sink his head into complex systems and possess the ability to abstract and simplify them to consumable ideas and solutions. Matthias started as a web designer in Berlin, Germany, where he worked across a wide selection of design agencies. He then took his talents to Amsterdam, working four years at frog design, helping clients from different sectors such as healthcare, retail and telecommunication companies. His past clients include Thomas Cook, Bayer, Nokia, Jabra, Siemens, Elsevier, and Albert Heijn, among others.

Servé Custers

Design Lead & Technology Insights

Servé is Raft's core information architect, technologist, and handles complex software design. He brings an in-depth understanding of development skills and protocols merged with a tight understanding of design thinking.

His mixed background of industrial design engineering and computer science helps him construct UX solutions that work from a user, service, and technology perspective. Servé creates prototypes, both digital and physical, to iterate and communicate his ideas throughout the complete design process.

When not getting into the details of connected design systems he studies machine learning and rides his bike. His past clients include FlyDubai, IKEA, RBI, and Schneider Electric.